Upcoming Event

3rd Edition of Telangana State Level Drawing Competition - 2020. Due to COVID19 pandemic, this event has been postponed until next announcement.

Past Events

2nd Telangana State Level Drawing Competition held during July to September 2019 had around 10,000 participants, 1000+ medallions, 75+ cash prize winners.

Nurturing child's creativity

By indulging kids of 3-16 years of age into Arts to show their inner hidden talent by spending time with natural arts than hazardous mobile phones.

Art is free from race, religion, caste, gender, color, creed.

3rd Telangna State Level Drawing Competition - 2020

  • Postponed until next announcement
  • Winner's Art Profiles
  • School Profiles
  • 100+ cash prizes
  • 1500+ medals

  Welcome to Cultivating Art

Cultivating Art is a non-profit organization helping kids indulge into arts and keep them away from virtual games on smart phones.

Today's common scene in most of Indian households with their children is - addicted to smart phones, tabs to play video games. This is very bad habit having several physical, psychological disorders in kids as their skin & brain are 60% softer and more prone to radioactive waves.

Cultivating Art wants to divert young people from 3-16 years old towards natural arts like drawing, painting, coloring, sculpturing, etc. These natural arts helps kids to look, learn, draw, paint, create, make, and share their creations with the world.

We want children to benefit from these creations into their personality development, physical well-being, gain psychological strength, enhance communication skills, social skills, by observing nature more keenly, and connecting with nature.

Cultivating Art is very passionate about celebrating children's talent, enthusiasm, and potential, and, ultimately, inspire next generation of artists.


After a long time, my daughter and I had been having very fruitful discussions on the topic given for the drawing competition. This helped us revive our healthy relationship once again. -- by a Mother of a teenage girl.

Art has once again proved it can do wonders with above feedback from one of our participant's mother.

We are very amazed to see our little cute son's visualization when he is drawing something in the air and filling colours as well when he has nothing in hands. -- by a Mother of a primary school kid.

The above feedback has given us a beautiful lesson that art could help in improving innovating brains at a very young age.