2nd Telangana State Level Drawing Competition - 2019

Cultivating Art is a non-profit organization helping kids indulge into arts to keep them  away from virtual games on smart phones and enhance child-parent relationship through art.


Today's common scene in most of Indian households with their children is - addicted to smart phones, tabs to play video games. This is a very bad habit having several physical, psychological disorders in kids as their skin & brain are 60% softer and more prone to radioactive waves.


Biggest revelation from 3 of our annual events in 2018, having 5000+ participants, is - Art can enhance child-parent relationship by discussing creative ideas, encouraging each other, and participating together in these events.


Cultivating Art  has been trying to distract these young kids of 3-16 years old towards natural arts like drawing, painting, coloring, sculpturing, etc. and also playing sports in open grounds to become fit and healthy.


As part of our annual events – 2nd Telangana State Level Drawing Competition  is here. This edition’s theme is based on the Government of India’s National Programme for Development of Sports – Khelo India  and also inspired by Hum fit tho India fit movement by  Ministry of Sports.


This art event is aimed to promote invaluable importance of sports and fitness in school children. At the same time indulge them into art, let them look, learn, draw, paint, create, make, and share their creations with world.

The main objective is to educate children about nature, connect with nature, learn about keeping premises / house / school / city / state / country - clean, neat, and safe. We want children to benefit from art to improve their personality development, physical well-being, gain psychological strength, enhance social skills, and communication skills.


2nd Telangana State Level Drawing Competition is a 3-stage competition held at:

1) School Level

2) District Level

3) State Level


At every level – there will be 6 Categories:

Category 1 – Pre-School

Category 2 – Classes 1 to 2

Category 3 – Classes 3 to 4

Category 4 – Classes 5 to 6

Category 5 – Classes 7 to 9

Category 6 – Classes 9 to 10


Every school will have winners in each category. All school Level winners compete at District Level and all district level winners compete at State level competition. Top performers in every category at each stage will be awarded with merit certificate and trophies.


Important Dates:


• Last Date for submission of School entries: 25 July 2019
• School Level Competition to be conducted: from 1-5 August 2019
• Prize Distribution @ School Level: 10-14 August 2019
• District Level Competition to be conducted: from 19-22 August 2019
• State Level Competition will be conducted: on 31 August 2019



Prizes Information:

State level Winners will get:

1st Prize - Rs. 3000 with Trophy and Certificate of Excellence
2nd Prize - Rs. 2000 with Trophy and Certificate of Excellence
3rd Prize - Rs. 1000 with Trophy and Certificate of Excellence
10 Consolation Prizes - Rs. 500-750 with Trophy and Certificate of Excellence


District Level Winners - who missed out on State Level prize will be awarded with a Memento and Appreciation Certificate.


School Level Winners will get:

1st Place – Gold Medal with Merit Certificate

2nd Place – Silver Medal with Merit Certificate

3rd Place – Bronze Medal with Merit Certificate


Every Participant will get – Name printd Participation Certificate + High Quality Crayons / Water Colors

Salient Features:

•  Creative platform for school children, budding artists, amateur artists, art teachers, and schools.
•  Platform for children to learn, practice, compete, perform, and gain from their hidden talents.
•  Inspire kids to paint their dream along with amazing support and encouragement from Cultivating Art.
•  Recognize and hone their skills to develop their passion into a career choice.
•  School Art Profiles will be published online accessible worldwide
•  Student Art Profiles will be published online accessible worldwide
•  Winner’s Art work will be published to showcase their quality strengths worldwide.
•  Additional extra-curricular activities for students.
•  Art workshops, orientation programs etc. by eminent artists from Telangana.
•  Helping students to compete at state level in a stress-free environment.
•  Improving parent-child relationship with art.
•  Free crayons / water color paints for all participants.
•  Personalized Participation Certificate for all participants.
•  Merit Certificate & Medals for winners at School Level.
•  Cash Prizes @ State Level for minimum 78 winners.
•  Mementos for District Level winners.
•  If interested, we can help student to sell their arts for a price – all money goes to artist only.
•  School Awards for:
o Best School – Cultivating Art – for most number of winners
o Best Participant School – for most number of participants
•  For Schools – a chance to host our prestigious events conducted annually.

Terms and Conditions:

•  Entry fee for each participant is Rs. 100 (rupees one hundred only).
•  The time duration for the contest is 60 minutes.
•  School can decide their convenient date for school level competition from 1-5 August 2019.
•  School has to confirm their competition date, number of participants by 25 July 2019.
•  Venue for school level competition will be their respective school only.
•  School can allow outside students as well with same criteria as per their own students.
•  Students from all over India are allowed to participate in this event.
•  School has to submit minimum 25 entries to participate in this event.
•  School has to submit participant’s information in soft copy format with Full Name & Class by 25 July 2019.
•  Cultivating Art will hand-over all the materials like - drawing sheets, crayons, water colors by at least 1 day prior to their competition date.
•  School must conduct school level event as guided by Cultivating Art.
•  District level competitions will be conducted at a school centrally located in that district.
•  State level competitions will be held at a school in Hyderabad.
•  All rights are reserved by Cultivating Art.
•  Entry fee must be sent only through NEFT or Cash at a time for entire school.
•  Drawings will not be returned  and will never be used any of thedrawings for any commercial use ever.
•  Renowned personalities in respective field will judge the entries.
•  Judges decision is final without any jurisdiction.
•  Prizes information would be informed directly to the school and published on our website.
•  All drawings, fees etc. must be handed over to our official representative only, who will be available on phone or WhatsApp number: 8341700716. Please don’t allow any other person for any activity with Cultivating Art.
•  Due to any unforeseen reasons, if any changes with the event, all schools/participants must adhere and cooperate with the organizers.
 •  Topics for School, District & State Level competitions will be the same.
•  Assessment will be on student capabilities in creative thinking & coming up with different drawings on same topic.  Same drawing at 2 stages will be disqualified.
•  District & State Level prizes will be awarded based on student’s gradual  improvisation at each level - both technically and conceptually.

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