Nurturing child's creativity

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Art is free from race, religion, caste, gender, color, creed

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Welcome to Cultivating Art

Cultivating Art is a non-profit organization helping kids indulge into arts and keep them away from virtual games on smart phones.

Today's common scene in most of Indian households with their children is - addicted to smart phones, tabs to play video games. This is very bad habit having several physical, psychological disorders in kids as their skin & brain are 60% softer and more prone to radioactive waves.

Cultivating Art wants to divert young people from 3-16 years old towards natural arts like drawing, painting, coloring, sculpturing, etc. These natural arts helps kids to look, learn, draw, paint, create, make, and share their creations with the world.

We want children to benefit from these creations into their personality development, physical well-being, gain psychological strength, enhance communication skills, social skills, by observing nature more keenly, and connecting with nature.

Cultivating Art is very passionate about celebrating children's talent, enthusiasm, and potential, and, ultimately, inspire next generation of artists.

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2nd Hyderabad Open Art Competition

Cultivating Art is very happy to announce the Second Edition of "Hyderabad Open Art Competition" for all Art lovers in Hyderabad from 3 years olds to men & women of all ages.


To promote Art, encourage everyone to practice Art, explore ideas from school children, encourage all budding artists, give a platform to exhibit their inner talents, find best artistic talents in our own city - Hyderabad, Cultivating Art is organizing an open competition for all the art lovers.
In Art, everyone is a winner; hence all participants in this competition will get a personalized name printed Participation Certificate.

Best Performer Award to be won in each Cateogry with a Memento and Certificate of Excellence

Top Performer Award - 10% of Participants to get Gold Medals with Commendation Certificates in each Category.

Best Participant School Award – for a school with most number of participants from a School.

Best Participant Art School Award – for an Art School with most number of participants from an Art School.


Theme: "Celebrating Children's Day"

Important Dates:

Online Registrations - closes by 5 November 2019
Competition Date - 10 November 2019
Prize Distribution - 10 November 2019
Participation Certificates Distribution - 10 November 2019
Merit Certificates Distribution - 10 days from 10 November 2019


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Art helps a child to:

  • Encourage individual to work in a creative, cooperative and collaborative manner while promoting independent thinking.
  • Help children to become excellent problem solvers and future learners in the real world.
  • Encourages fine motor skills, neural development
  • Therapists tell us that art is valuable because it allows children to process their world, to deal with sometimes scary emotions in a safe way, and because it gives them critical sensory input.
  • Art makes you happy
  • Art represents a set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices.
  • Art is the expression or communication of emotions and ideas.
  • Art is a means of exploring and appreciating formal elements for their own sake.
  • Lowers stress & pressure
  • Improves Health in several ways
  • Improves concentration levels - that helps gain performance in academics
  • Playing with colors will definitely improve eye performance as well.
  • Art is fun, an activity they enjoy.
  • Art is vital to families as it keeps everyone engaged and happy and helps with the sometimes difficult transitions of the day.

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